Jamie Dew, PhD

President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
& Leavell College

I grew up a poor street called Chicken Road in the backwoods of North Carolina. My teen years were filled with drug abuse and arrests. To say the least, I was not on a good path.

But God had something else in mind.

After years of running from God, I finally gave my life to him as an eighteen-year-old at youth camp.

Within just a few weeks, God turned my life completely upside down, giving me the hope of Christ, a clear sense of calling, and the girl that would walk beside me through life and ministry.

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Before becoming the president of NOBTS and Leavell College, I was the vice president for undergraduate studies and distance learning at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

It was at SEBTS where I earned my MDiv and PhD in theological studies.

The week after I was elected as the ninth president of NOBTS, I hopped on a plane to receive a second PhD — this one in philosophy of mind and philosophy of religion — from the University of Birmingham in the UK.

God has used my educational opportunities to shape and mold me, specifically with the burden he has put on my heart.

Let the towel and the basin define us

Our broken world awaits a people who will rise up and be about the redeeming work of Jesus Christ our King. If we are anything, we are servants. Let the towel and basin define us.

We must be a people who are servants. We must be a people who are deeply devoted to Christ. We must be a people with the gospel on our lips. And we must be a people who give our lives to the mission of Christ.

While academic goals are important, NOBTS’ and Leavell College’s success is based not on enrollment numbers, but on how many we send out with the Gospel to a broken world.

In a city as unique as New Orleans, the opportunities to carry out the Great Commission are plentiful. The future is bright and the road ahead leads to a place where God is already at work. 

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