The time I have with my kids always varies and fluctuates, depending on the time of year and the kind of responsibilities I have at any particular moment. But, just as much as my kids need me, I am repeatedly reminded of how much I need them. I reach a point most days where I simply have to stop what I’m doing and go be with them. So, even when it’s busy, we normally manage to be together.

Nevertheless, I’ve noticed that when things get busy we might not connect as well with each other, even if we are finding sufficient time with each other. That is, we might spend time together without really engaging each other in a meaningful way. So, with every chance we get, we try to take one child with us as we do the simple things like going to get gas, buy a gallon of milk, or run to my office to grab a book. I’m amazed at what kinds of conversations take place during these quick times together.

Life doesn’t get any easier or less busy. But learning to capitalize on the mundane moments of life has generated numerous for us to be together in a way that is meaningful.