Important Distinctions in Old Testament Law

Let’s be honest, the Old Testament can be difficult to understand. This is true by virtue of how vastly different our culture is today than the kind we read of thousands of years ago. One reason for this is that the Old Testament is inundated with legal terminology that flow from the Law of Moses. In order to understand it fully and interpret it rightly, OT scholars have made some key distinctions between different kinds of law found inside it. I recently got a chance to sit down with my good friend Dr. Heath Thomas and ask him about moral and civil law in the OT and how we should understand these concepts. Check out this Exploring Hope conversation below!


How Should We Understand the Gospel? (With D.A. Carson)

The Gospel. What is it? How would you describe it if you were asked to? What we believe about the gospel is at the core of who we are as believers and will affect the way we talk, the manner in which we live our lives, and most importantly the reason for which we live our lives. But it has to start with the Gospel which is the basis for our evangelism and indeed our own salvation. So… want to know more? Watch this Exploring Hope video with Dr. D. A. Carson as he discusses the depth of what the Gospel is and how to rightly understand it… Enjoy!


Is There A Christian View of Work and Vocation?

How should Christians view vocation? Sometimes it feels like work is just work and that nothing about the daily grind has to do with the Scriptures or who we are called to be. Many would admit that, of course, as Christians, they are to work hard and with honesty and  integrity. But other than that, they see work as just a secular fact of life we have to accept. It seems to others that work is worse than just neutral, but instead, is a result of the fall. However, the Scriptures seem to paint a different picture about our daily labor, that informs our vocations by placing them in a gospel-centered, biblical perspective. Check out the video below as Dr. Benjamin Quinn weighs in on the biblical idea of vocation. Enjoy!


What We Eat Can Tell Us About Who We Are

I recently was able to sit down with Derek Hicks and discuss the interesting topic of “food.” It is amazing to see how important the idea of sharing a meal with one another is to our relationships and communities. Listen to this fascinating discussion where we explore the cultural and relational significance of how we eat and what it has to say about our culture and our humanity. Enjoy!

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“Generational Perspectives on Moral Issues”- with Russ Moore

In this week’s Exploring Hope video, I get a chance to sit down with Russell Moore and ask him about moral issues and the ways in which different generations tackle them. Some generations hold certain issues as more important than others and fight with particular vivacity for problems, crimes, or inequalities they see, while generations prior to them may have been passionate about other issues. Dr. Moore discusses some the issues that millennials take particularly seriously and maybe some of the reasons for that, as well as some macro reasons that these focused-on issues ebb and flow, generationally. Tune in to watch this interesting topic discussed with an expert scholar and influential Christian!