When God Commands War


The issue of war is a heavy one. Yet we are constantly faced with the evils of this world and we are confronted with violence on micro and macro levels. In the Scriptures we find commands to love one another, even our enemies. We are also told to turn the other cheek as we read about the apostles who faced martyrdom and all kinds of oppression and yet seemingly didn’t fight back or lead an armed charge against these injustices they were enduring.  Yet, we also find in Scripture some pretty massive occasions of war and violence, sometimes even commanded by God himself. So how do we view this topic? Is the reality of Holy War in the Bible a problem for us Christians and how should we think and talk about this issue? Dr. Heath Thomas sheds some light on this very controversial issue…


Was Jesus a Republican? A Discussion on Christian Politics (Dr. Ashford)

rsz_exploringhopepodcast2This week on Exploring Hope I get a chance to sit down with our Provost here at Southeastern, Dr. Bruce Ashford. We discuss the intersection of faith and politics as he answers the question of whether or not Jesus was/is a republican. Dr. Ashford clarifies and re-frames this question that many wonder about to make it more contextually sound and helpful. He notes the transcendence of Jesus over things like partisanship, but also shares how He was profoundly political in his message and mission. Tune in to hear the whole conversation!

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What Happens When Culture Gets Confused with Christianity?

Sometimes the true message of the gospel can get confused by those who claim to be Christians. Unfortunately, there is often a difference between the Christianity found in the Bible, and “Christianity” lived out in our culture. Recently, I was able to sit down with Derek Hicks and discuss this disconnect that we’ve seen in our history, as well as how much it inhabits our culture today. Watch this short video which addresses the problem of this confusion in our culture. Enjoy!