With two sets of twins, we are often asked what kinds of traditions we have and what kinds of things we do to make sure we have quality time with our kids. Part of that answer depends on the time of year. For example, in the fall we always make time for the NC State Fair, at Thanksgiving we always go to the mountains, in the summer we try to make short trips to the beach at least 2-4 times, and in the Spring was always go to Meet in the Street in downtown Wake Forest. These are good things to do, but they do not provide regular activity times for the Dewcrew.

So, as often as we are able, we venture out on Saturday mornings to one of the local donut shops for breakfast. We’re fortunate to have at least 3 good options in town (Krispy Kreme, Sugar on Top, and Main Street Grill). We typically rotate which child gets to chose the location we will go to that morning.

Here’s what’s nice about this tradition:

  1. It’s simple. It requires no planning and can be done with or without both parents present.
  1. It’s fun. The kids are always laughing and grateful to have donuts.
  1. It’s delicious. I mean, who doesn’t love donuts?
  1. It’s affordable. We normally have a coupon that saves about half the cost, but even when we don’t, a dozen donuts doesn’t cost that much.
  1. It’s regular. Unlike the Fair or beach trips, we can do this each week, or at least every other week.
  1. And best of all, it gives us time with our great kids. This is essential, but often easy to overlook. Without regular traditions like this, we can often miss the best things in life!

The Saturday donut tradition has been a favorite with our crew. Perhaps it can be for yours as well!