What is the “Image of God”?

cropped-ExploringHope.pngThis week we sit down with Dr. John Hammett and ask him about the Image of God. Genesis 1:26-27 tells us that, unlike the rest of creation, God created us in His own image. This “Imago Dei” has been debated by various theologians over the centuries. What exactly does this mean, and how does it separates us from animals? In what way do we reflect God as image bearers? Is it reason? Is it consciousness? Is it relationship with God? Tune in as Dr. Hammett tackles this important question and helps us think it through.

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2 responses

  1. Thank you for this podcast! Thank you also for involving disabled people in many of your conversations! I have a few questions.
    1) Could you please explain the spirit a little more?
    2) when we are picante, long suffering, loving is that imaging God? These are attributes of God so when we display them are we imaging God, because people can see God in our actions?
    Thank you,
    Kristy ann

  2. Kristy, thanks for reading again! Stay tuned for more podcasts that deal with spirit. Also, regarding the second question, we reflect God when we do those things, but that’s not necessarily the image of God.

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