What happened at the Fall?

cropped-ExploringHope.pngThis week’s Exploring Hope Podcast features a conversation with my good friend and colleague Dr. John Hammett. Dr. Hammett is a professor here at SEBTS and is an expert in all things theology. So, today we ask him about “the Fall” recorded in Genesis 3 and the important doctrines we form from it. What happened to humanity in that moment? And, what does that mean for us? Dr. Hammett walks through these issues in today’s episode. Tune in!

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4 responses

  1. I have a question?
    I have a disability and people often say that this is how God made me but I disagree. I don’t think God wanted me to be disabled I think it is because we live in a sinful fallen world. What do you think?

  2. Kristy, great to hear from you. Yes, I believe that these things are a result of the fall. But, God is good and works through such things in a redemptive way. We have several podcasts and videos on this coming soon! Hope this helps!

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