Putting Poverty into Perspective

cropped-ExploringHope.pngThis week on the Exploring Hope Podcast, we sit down with Dr. David Jones, Professor of Christian Ethics at SEBTS, to ask him about poverty. We tend to have one of two perspectives regarding the poor. Some see homeless people and can only imagine poor life choices, failures in self-control, or the lack of work ethic that put them there. Others see it differently. They see oppression, inequality, and the neglect of our culture as the primary causes of such poverty. So which perspective is right? And more importantly, what should the Christian do in response to poverty? Dr. Jones sits down with us to help think it through. Enjoy!

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2 responses

  1. I enjoyed this podcast. I do have a question. One of the categories mentioned was natural evils one being if a person is struck with an illness and can no longer work. My question is in regards to this person. I am a disabled person since birth with a mild case of Cerabal Palsy. What if the person has something like that? They would need proper medical care and someone to be a work advocate for them. This is something I have often thought about. What would be an adequate response? Jesus healed many people such as this but I can’t heal people. With the good Samaritan the guy had the means to help and he cared about the person regardless of his nationality. I care deeply, so how can my response be enough? I desire to honor God and I want to make Him smile. Thank you for your time. I known that this post is long , I wanted to share some of my thoughts. Thanks for reading.

  2. Thanks again Kristy! Grateful to have you reading. Examples like the ones you raise are tough for sure. I think we strive to do what God puts before us and trust Him to make up the difference. Blessings to you!

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