Teaching your kids about the value of work


Nobody likes to work. That’s probably not true, but it does seem that way sometimes, given the way people complain about their jobs and their overall circumstances. As a result, most adults have a very low view of work and they end up passing it on to their kids. Unless we want kids who are lazy and ungrateful, we should do everything we can to help them see the value and goodness of work.

  1. Start young. There’s a lot that small kids cannot do. But, there is more they can do than we might think, and we shouldn’t miss these opportunities to shape them. Even small children can feed a pet, or fold a washcloth on the floor while mommy and daddy fold laundry. They can also do things like carry toilet paper to the bathrooms, put their dirty dishes in the sink, or help clean up toys. If you do all these things without soliciting your child’s help, you’re missing an important opportunity to shape them…and to encourage their participation in working with you.
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The Little Things that are Huge to Our Kids


What matters most to our kids? If you ask them now, they would probably say things like toys, video games, sports, vacations, or other such luxuries. But we know that none of that matters most. And, in the right moments of life, even our kids recognize that these things aren’t what matter. Truth be told, most of the things that matter most are fairly simple.

  1. The show of affection. Our kids need our affection. As they grow older they may not like to be public about it, but even in middle school and high school, our kids crave our love and support. The less we give it to them, the more likely they will be to seek it elsewhere.
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The Saturday Donut


With two sets of twins, we are often asked what kinds of traditions we have and what kinds of things we do to make sure we have quality time with our kids. Part of that answer depends on the time of year. For example, in the fall we always make time for the NC State Fair, at Thanksgiving we always go to the mountains, in the summer we try to make short trips to the beach at least 2-4 times, and in the Spring was always go to Meet in the Street in downtown Wake Forest. These are good things to do, but they do not provide regular activity times for the Dewcrew.

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Taking Time to Talk


The time I have with my kids always varies and fluctuates, depending on the time of year and the kind of responsibilities I have at any particular moment. But, just as much as my kids need me, I am repeatedly reminded of how much I need them. I reach a point most days where I simply have to stop what I’m doing and go be with them. So, even when it’s busy, we normally manage to be together.

Nevertheless, I’ve noticed that when things get busy we might not connect as well with each other, even if we are finding sufficient time with each other. That is, we might spend time together without really engaging each other in a meaningful way. So, with every chance we get, we try to take one child with us as we do the simple things like going to get gas, buy a gallon of milk, or run to my office to grab a book. I’m amazed at what kinds of conversations take place during these quick times together.

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Why Reading to Our Kids Matters: A Personal Reflection


Most people don’t know this about me, but I didn’t learn to read until fairly late, and I struggled with reading all the way through high school and into college. I have distinct memories in kindergarten and first grade of other students reading books and wanting to learn how to do this myself. I wondered why teachers chose to read with those kids and not me, and why reading seemed to come so naturally to them. I had no way of knowing back then, but as I would learn in later years, most of those kids came from families where their parents read to them on a daily basis.

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