Theology & Culture

ExploringHopePodcast2This week on the Exploring Hope Podcast, Dr. Bruce Little, professor of philosophy, joins me to talk about the intersection of Christian theology and the culture we inhabit. What models, what methodologies are used to understand the relationship between the church and culture? Which model should Christians use? Is culture what the bible is talking about when it says “the spirit of the age?” Dr. Little explains his own view and gives a helpful perspective on the balancing act that the church has to employ when engaging culture.

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Why is literature important?

cropped-ExploringHope.pngOn this week’s episode of Exploring Hope Podcast, we join Dr. Matt Mullins, professor of English here at SEBTS as he spends some time talking to us about the importance of literature. For centuries, literature has been among the greatest of the accomplishments of the arts and humanities and served to teach us much about the world, history, the human condition, and, particularly, our own selves. Tune in as Dr. Mullins explains the impact and import of literature and gives us some tips for diving into the vast world of literature that mankind has written!

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“One Nation Under God”

ExploringHopePodcast2On this episode of Exploring Hope, I talk with our very own Dr. Bruce Ashford about his new book “One Nation Under God: A Christian Hope for American Politics.” In this book, Dr. Ashford (and Chris Pappalardo) ask the question of whether or not we can be passionate about the gospel and yet care deeply about politics. Dr. Ashford joins the Exploring Hope Podcast as we get a chance to pick his brain about the different issues he discusses in his book which include important topics debated in our culture and government like abortion, race, immigration, war. Tune in to hear from this great scholar and influential writer.

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What is God’s Will for my Life?

rsz_exploringhopepodcast2On this week’s episode of Exploring Hope Podcast we talk about God’s will and how we can ascertain it and follow it. Often we have this idea that God has every little decision and event in our lives planned out and that if we only trust, pray, and obey enough, he will let us in on his plan. And when we don’t know which job to work, or school to attend, or potential spouse to marry, we get disheartened and feel that it is indicative of a failure in our spiritual walk and relationship with Christ. Dr. David Jones joins us this week to help clear up some misunderstandings and encourage us, biblically, as we rethink finding God’s will for our lives. Tune in!

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What happened at the Fall?

cropped-ExploringHope.pngThis week’s Exploring Hope Podcast features a conversation with my good friend and colleague Dr. John Hammett. Dr. Hammett is a professor here at SEBTS and is an expert in all things theology. So, today we ask him about “the Fall” recorded in Genesis 3 and the important doctrines we form from it. What happened to humanity in that moment? And, what does that mean for us? Dr. Hammett walks through these issues in today’s episode. Tune in!