Dealing with Textual Variants in the Bible

ExploringHopePodcast2This week on Exploring Hope Podcast, we talk with Dr. Jake Pratt about the integrity of the texts we find in Scripture. Christians want to say some strong and very particular things about Scripture and its infallibility, inerrancy, authority, etc. Yet, we find that there are some textual variants among the canon of scripture that cause some to question, or even reject the idea that the bible is “true” in all that it claims. Dr. Jake Pratt helps us understand how these textual variants are few and far between, as well as rarely pertaining to important theological or historical issues. But, more importantly, he helps us understand the context and nuance of the issue and gives us a helpful and honest way to talk about the inspired word of God. Tune in to listen!

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Moral Principles in Medical Technologies – with Russell Moore

Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, joins the Exploring Hope studio to discuss the moral principles that should guide Christians in making medical decisions that are controversial ethically. New technologies have brought about all kinds of procedures and methods and possibilities which can be dizzying when we try and apply our moral compasses to them. Dr. Moore offers some helpful principles to stand on and to use as a foundation for wrestling with the morality of some of these new medical possibilities. Enjoy!

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Why Does the History of Ideas Matter for Us?

cropped-ExploringHope.pngThis week we discuss the history of ideas with my good friend Dr. John Wilsey. It may not immediately sound like the kind of topic that would be very interesting or applicable, but Dr. Wilsey, an expert in intellectual history, shows how fundamental history is to our faith. After all, we believe in a historical incarnation, death, and resurrection that the whole flow of human history centers on. So, our study and understanding of history shouldn’t be just an afterthought or even a hobby; it should shape us and guide us. Dr. Wilsey points to individuals such as Alexis de Tocqueville and others who have so much to teach us about culture and faith. Tune in!

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